LSL Sinter-Filter

LSL Sinter-Filters are state-of the art dry filters for many applications in different industries. The sintered filter elements ensure the highest filtration performance with just one filtration stage. Negligible residue in the exhausted air enables direct recycling into the workplace.

The sintered filter cartridges without a supporting cage can be mounted on the raw or clean gas side. The PTFE membrane or coating on top of a PE body ensures lowest dust content of the clean gas and longest lifetimes.

The housing can be supplied in round or modular design. When using the modular design individual modules can be combined to a larger unit. Each filter-chamber consists of the chamber itself and a reverse pulse cleaning system.

In the modular design individual modules can be combined so that filter surfaces of over to 910 square meters have been realized. Round housings range from 710mm to 2600mm in diameter. Depending on the diameter and cartridge length, a filter surface of up to 200 square meters is possible.