LZK Cyclones

Our LZK high performance dust segregation cyclones are designed based on the latest developments in fluid-dynamics. They are well proven in the field and operate with high efficiency.

Due to physical limitations, their segregation of fine particles is typically not sufficient to fulfill modern statutory requirements on pollution control.

Nevertheless there are specific applications where cyclones can be used successfully:

  • for coarse and agglomerating dusts
  • in the wood and grain industry
  • as preliminary filter stage for pneumatic conveying systems and silo filling
  • as pre-separators in combination with a fabric filter or wet scrubber

We supply flat separators, single and multi-cyclones and cyclone bottoms beneath filters.

The cyclones are available as explosion-shockproof design with breaking plates, or without breaking-plates for a certain explosion pressure.

LZK cyclones can be supplied from various materials and with many different coatings. Also wear resistant coatings are available.