Which Filter is the right one for me?

Which filter is good mainly depends on the application. In order to offer our customers the best solution we supply all common filter systems. The benefits of each is summarised below:

LFS Bag Filter   are the traditional filter system which is popular in many industries. Because of its proven reliability and robustness, it is commonly used in heavy industries. The filter material is available for temperatures up to 260°C and more that’s why it is often found in the cement, metallurgical and chemical industries. It is also used in waste incineration plants. The filter-housing has a comparatively large volume which is helpful when filtering light or fibrous materials which are found in plastic recycling or wood industry. However, the large size of the filter can be a disadvantage id space is limited. The filter can be suppled in hygienic design for filtering foodstuffs like starch or flour.

LPF cartridge filters   usually come with low investment cots and are also popular due to the compact size. Because the filter material is folded, a large filer surface can be placed in a small space. These filters are universally used in most industries. The filtration efficiency is very good. They are suitable for temperatures up to 160°C. For filtering fibrous or sticky materials, or for applications with high demands for hygiene such as food, the use of this system is limited because material can get suck in the folds of the cartridges.

LSL sintered filter   feature the latest filtration technology. The air is filtered using a PTFE membrane which will also hold back the smallest particles, making his system popular when filtering hazardous substances.  The investment for this filter system is comparatively higher, but a very long lifetime of the filter elements is possible. It is also possible to clean the filters with water. The maximum operation temperature is 70 °C.

LTF Pocket filters   use the same filter materials as bag filters. The filters are more compact, though. The filters are usually mounted in horizontal direction, hence the maintenance door is on the side of the filter which makes maintenance easy. Hygienic design for the food industry is possible.

LNW wet scrubber   When dust emissions are additionally loaded with moisture, the use dry filtration as described above is limited. In those cases, a wet scrubber, sometimes called washer, can be used. Dust aerosols and some gaseous substances are washed form the air using a water spry system. It is also useful when the air contains sparks or hot particles.

LZK cyclone   are a very simple and cheap way to remove dust from the air. However, the filtration is usually not effective enough to comply with modern environmental regulations. Nevertheless, it is still commonly used as a pre-filter for example in pneumatic conveying systems, when air with very high material concertation needs to be filtered

Druckstoßfeste Ausführung

Sämtliche Filterbaureihen sind in druckstoßfester Ausführung mit Explosions-Berstscheiben, das Rundfilter auch in druckstoßfester Bauart, ohne Berstscheiben, gegenüber einem maximalen Explosionsdruck ausgelegt, lieferbar.

Die Filtergehäuse werden in den unterschiedlichen Normalstahl- und Edelstahlwerkstoffen und mit sämtlichen Oberflächenbeschichtungen geliefert.