Explosion safety

Many dusts pose an explosion hazard. Inside the suction system the concentration of fine dust is usually higher than elsewhere, therefore the explosion safety required special attention.

We supply filters with all available protection systems such as rupture disks, non-return flaps flameless venting or extinguishing and suppression systems.

Filter housings with venting systems such as rupture disks are usually designed for the reduced explosion pressure, typically 0,4 bar(g). Filters without venting or suppression systems are designed for the maximum explosion pressure, typically 10 bar.

When the possibility that an external ignition source is sucked into the filter can be excluded, a design based on the concept “preventive explosion safety” can be applied.

Often the risk of a gas explosion comes in addition to the risk of a dust explosion. In those cases, components certified for both zones are used. The extraction of hybrid mixtures is possible.