The company “LAMMERS Lufttechnische Anlagen” (English: “LAMMERS Air Technology”) is a medium sized company located in Münster, Germany.

The company was founded in 1970 by chief engineer Heinrich Lammers and is incorporated as a limited company since 01.07.1993 under the name “LAMMERS Lufttechnische Anlagen GmbH & Co. KG” with the engineers Thomas Lammers and Christoph Lammers as managing directors.

Lammers LTA works an engineering office with an adjacent manufacturing plant for de-dusting plants, special parts and fans on an area of more than 3000 m².
Capable suppliers manufacture parts and assemblies according to our drawings.
We offer the complete installation and commissioning of the supplied systems.


Foundation of the company Heinrich Lammers Industrieanlagen as sole proprietorship in the home of Engineer Heinrich Lammers. Conversion of the garage into a 3-4-person office. Manufacturing and warehouse located close to the Hülshoff Castle.


Foundation of Lammers Hellas Ltd. In Athens/Greece with sales office, manufacturing and sewing of filter bags.


Closure of Lammers Hellas Ltd.


Opening of the new company premises at Otto Hahn Str. 39 in Münster-Roxel


Eng. Thomas Lammers starts working at the company


Extension of the delivery program with new Filter concepts


First presentation of our products at the Hanover Exhibition and Powtec, Nurnberg, further exhibitions follow


Thomas Lammers takes over the company as director and propitiator, conversion into a limited company


Introduction of CAD systems, drawing boards disappear quickly


Expansion of the officed and construction of new entrance area. Larger manufacturing area and covered storage spaces.

Take-over of the engineering documents of two smaller German fan-manufacturers. Foundation of BL Ventilatoren GmbH.

In 2002 BL Ventilatoren GmbH was dissolved and re-integrated into the Lammers Ventilatoren (industrial fan) department,


LAMMERS becomes distributor of SODECA fans from Spain in Germany


Presentation of the products at the Solids Exhibition in Dortmund, since then regular participation in this exhibition


Christoph Lammers starts working at the company


Introduction of the 3D CAD system “Inventor”


Introduction of a new ERP system


Optimization of the manufacturing area and assembly


Christoph Lammers becomes the second director of the company

Axial- and Radial Fans

Axial- and Radial Fans in many versions also for areas with explosion hazard are selected and manufactured for your application. Please refer to our separate website for an overview of our fans:

LAMMERS Ventilatoren